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Wrist Deep Productions: Wrist Deep Productions
Wrist Deep Productions
The members of Wrist Deep Productions met four years ago performing at open-mics in dive bars and the Denver comedy scene hasn't been the same since. Sharing an aggressive, intelligent sensibility toward stand-up, Wrist Deep has matured into a...
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Jeffrey Ross: Jeffrey Ross a.k.a. the Roastmaster
Jeffrey Ross
Jeffrey Ross a.k.a. the Roastmaster General is an actor, writer, director, producer, and comedian originally from Newark, New Jersey. Best known for his show stopping performances at celebrity roasts honoring some of America's favorite stars such...
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Jim Jefferies: smash hit HBO special I Swear to God
Jim Jefferies
Jim Jefferies is one of the most sought after comics on the world stage after catapulting to fame just a couple of years ago, stemming partly from being attacked during a show at the Manchester Comedy Store. He has toured the world, performing on...
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