Josh  Wolf: Josh Wolf is currently a regular on the hit E! series Chelsea Lately

Josh Wolf

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Josh  Wolf: Josh Wolf is currently a regular on the hit E! series Chelsea Lately

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Josh  Wolf

Josh Wolf

Comedian, actor, and writer Josh Wolf has become one of the most sought after personalities in comedy today. From adding his quick witted commentary on comedy round tables, to becoming a New York Times Bestselling Author, writing on hit TV shows, and headlining stand-up comedy tours across the nation, Wolf has proved time and time again he is one of the most dynamic and multi-faceted comedians in the entertainment business.

Wolf is currently a regular round table guest and writer on the hit E! series Chelsea Lately, and recently appeared as a performer on the new E! series After Lately. Wolf just debuted his latest book, “It Takes Balls: Dating Single Moms and Other Confessions from an Unprepared Single Dad”.

Josh has written for many shows like Yes Dear, Will Smith’s All of Us, Raising Hope, and Cuts. He was cast on Last Comic Standing and was on the season finale as one of the Last Comics Downloaded. Josh has had a recurring role on My Name is Earl, played the role of Jack in the musical version of Sideways, and hosted two seasons of Fox Sports' The College Experiment.

In addition to his stand-up and writing, Wolf worked on a podcast with Ross Mathews and now has a podcast with Sarah Colonna called Off The Rails. His latest project is hosting Discovery After Dark – the after-show for Naked and Afraid on the Discovery Channel.

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