Funny Final Four Round 1

Funny Final Four Round 1

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Funny Final Four Round 1

The Funny Final Four is a series of competitions starting with 5 teams made up of a captain, twelve New Talent comics, two alternates, and one National Touring Headliner.

Every show, a different team will perform the funniest, most original show they can produce. (One year, one team did a Price is Right themed show.) And the judges are selected from the audience!

Each team will be judged, and the top two teams move on to perform again, with the winner getting a third show. Look for some of your favorite local comedians!

Feb 5 - Team Bowman - Hosted by Katie Bowman, includes teammates Janae Burris, Nancy Norton, Brandy Bryant, Christie Buchele, Megan Deponceau, Hayley Driscol, Ben Duncan, Brad Gali, Shanel Hughes, Andie Main, Noe Noel, and TJ Webb

Feb 12 - Team Rupp - Hosted by Jacob Rupp, includes teammates Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, Derrick Stroup, Georgia Comstock, Tyrel Hartman, Michael Isaacs, Jeff Koehn, Miriam Moreno, Shanae Ross, BK Sharad, Eeland Stribling, Chris Wellman, and Salma Zaky

Feb 26 - Team Anzer - Hosted by Sammy Anzer, includes teammates John Novosad, Brandt Tobler, Anthony Armstrong, Ed Bell, Johnny Bratsveen, Gabby Guiterrez-Reed, Hannah Jones, De Kelley, Danny Ramos, Noah Reynolds, Geoff Tice, and Mo Vida

March 11 - Team Bryant - Hosted by Ben Bryant, includes teammates Adam Cayton-Holland, Ben Roy, Sarah Benson, John Davis, Nic Dean, Mike Hammock, Mitch Jones, Jose Macall, Aaron Maslow, Ryan Nowell, Zach Reinert, and Sam Sisson

March 25 - Team Wolfson - Hosted by Lizzy Wolfson, includes teammates AJ Finney, David Rodriquez, Andres Becerril, Elliot Broder, Matt Cobos, Korey David, Caitie Hannan, PJ Johnson, Dan Jones, Kyle Pogue, Patrick Richardson, and Allison Rose

March 29 - Team Cinderella - Hosted by Roger Haak, includes teammates Steve Gillespie, Nathan Lund, Jake Cambron, Jeremiah Chinegwu, Zeke Herrera, Patrick Scott, Cal Sheridan, Aaron Snyder, Kate Strobel, Jill Tasei, Steve Vanderploeg, and Zach Welch