The Valleyfolk

The Valleyfolk

Downtown in Larimer Square

1226 15th Street Denver, CO 80202


  • Monday, Jan 20 08:00PM

    Passes Allowed | 21+

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The Valleyfolk

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The Valleyfolk

The Valleyfolk

The Valleyfolk is a comedy sketch group with a decade of experience in traditional and digital entertainment.

In 2019, they won first place on NBC’s Bring The Funny, less than two years after forming. The Valleyfolk has a strong cult following who has watched them grow since their beginnings at SourceFed, a comedy news YouTube channel that amassed over 1.5 million subscribers.

The Valleyfolk currently consists of Joe Bereta, Elliott Morgan, and Steve Zaragoza. Joe Bereta, originally from Montana, is a pioneer of online comedy, having gone from Barats & Bereta, to SourceFed, to Smosh, and now The Valleyfolk. Elliott Morgan is from Florida and has released two hour-long stand-up specials. Steve Zaragoza is from Los Angeles and has worked on several Disney shows and is the co-host of the popular podcast, Dynamic Banter.

The Valleyfolk spends their days creating sketch comedy and irreverent shows like Trivia Bidet, where they’re quizzed on trivia and get blasted with water if they get it wrong. It’s a fun time!

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