The Best Damn Improv Workshop

The Best Damn Improv Workshop You Will Ever Take!


“I had the pleasure of participating in Edith’s long-running Improv Workshop for the last 5 years of its existence. Improv w/ Facilitator Edith was always illuminating, challenging, and waaaaay too much fun. She is an outstanding Improv Artist (decades worth) herself, an award-winning actress, published playwright, Producer, Director, and one of the best, funniest, no-bullshit people in my life. You should make her part of yours, as well, because there’s nobody better.”
— Michael S. (Actor)

“Edith Weiss is the epitome of “YES AND” in the classroom. She says YES to student ideas AND is able to instantly and authentically adjust her teaching to the needs of the moment and the group. Keenly aware of balancing between those fine lines of pushing students while making them feel safe enough to take creative risks, between topics that engage but do not offend, between beginner skills and hilarious wits, and between committing to absurdity and believing in the truth of the moment, Edith makes us laugh, think, grow, and beg for more time to learn.”
— Pamela N. (Theatre Arts, Language Arts, and Gifted Education)

“There are only a few people who have had a major impact in my life. One of them is Edith Weiss. Improv wasn't even on my radar when… I met Edith Weiss who was starting a workshop. I was a bit skeptical. After all, I had studied with the Mother of Improv [Viola Spolin]…what could I learn from Edith Weiss?? More than I could imagine. Our "group" of about 10 was as mismatched in age, experience, and backgrounds as anyone could imagine. It was like the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight or the Bad News Bears, maybe even The Village People! But Edith's unwavering support and skill guided us into becoming a real "thing". She came up with "exercises" Viola Spolin could've only dreamed about. Every week and often twice a week...Edith guided us into make better choices in a scene, to trust one another and ourselves, and to become a viable body of work we eventually performed in public. It's a true testament to Edith that we were together for 12 years!!! Believe me, I never thought I'd be doing improv, while collecting Social Security! Sadly, one by one, each of us peeled off to other horizons forever bonded together by Edith, our super glue. Comedy Works would be more than fortunate to have Edith Weiss leading workshops. She's the best!”
— Judy S. M.

“I went with the idea of never performing, but in hopes of improving my public speaking skills (I practiced law in Denver), and having some fun. It made such a difference to me in making court appearances. Because I was not in court every day, there were times when I would feel a bit rusty, especially in the more formal context of the appellate courts. Improv gave me the chance to stretch out in thinking on my feet, and overcome nervousness standing up in front of people every week. It was great. People came and went, many of us formed permanent friendships, and we always had a lot of laughs. Edith had an ability to bring out peoples’ strengths and improve their weaknesses, really a good director. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
— Jane H.

“Edith Weiss asked me to relay my experience of employing her at my corporate training company, Creativity Engineering. We presented improv comedy as tool to facilitate business creativity. Many of our clients were Fortune 100 companies. I’ve trained groups for about 30 years, mostly in academic and professional settings. I’ve never seen anyone more skilled than Edith. Besides being funny and charming, she has an amazing ability to engage audiences seamlessly. We worked for very large companies like Unilever, cancer researchers from Case Western University Medical School, and much younger groups of high school and college students, training them, using improv, to advocate against smoking with their peers. My very long winded point is that in addition to being a gifted performer, Edith can be successful within any context, from hyper-professionals to the youngest of audiences. Improv is very challenging for shy participants. This was never a barrier for Edith. I can’t recommend her more highly.”
— Charlie J.

“I have known Edith Weiss for the last 20 years. I was in her improv classes and performance group "Global Warning." Working with her accelerated my personal growth more than I could’ve imagined. And I would still be studying under her if I had not moved to the west coast.”
— R. Tony R.

“I took Edith's improv class a few years ago in Denver and it was a blast! Edith is not only very funny, she is also a patient and friendly teacher. I think improv comedy is not only fun to learn in general, but can be hugely beneficial to stand-up comics.”
— Andrew O. (National Touring Comedian)

“I took an improv workshop Phamaly (physically handicapped actors league) offered from Edith. She is a Master Teacher and knows Improv. It's in her bones. Her classes are clever and well crafted in the moment. It doesn't matter if you're deaf, blind, Autistic, in a wheelchair or just plain scared; she will use it to create something funny and real.” — David J. W. (Actor and Board Member, Phamaly Theatre Company)

“It is an absolute pleasure to share with you why I believe there is no finer teacher of lmprov for children and young adults than Edith Weiss. Edith and I have worked together for the past 34 years. She has taught hundreds of my students at STAGE ELEVEN, Children's Center for the Theatre Arts, Young Actors Theatre and at the Town Hall Art Center. She is a Master teacher with the ability to put all students, instantly at ease and excited to begin. Edith creates a safe environment where everyone is comfortable and supportive of each other as they become an ensemble. My students have learned lmprov through theater games and then, with her side coaching and very positive guidance, have taken their new skills and developed a variety of characters, sketches and scenes as they share their ideas with fellow actors. Edith, with input from her casts, has created lmprov shows that I have toured for many years to The International Children's Festival in Reston, Virginia, and throughout San Francisco and Vancouver, British Columbia. Of all my faculty members with whom I have worked for the past 53 years in five states, she is hands down the best!”
— Georganne S. (Director, Young Actors Theatre)

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