Stand-Up for  Dawg Nation Comedy Event: Dawg Nation Comedy Fundraiser

Stand-Up for Dawg Nation Comedy Event

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Stand-Up for Dawg Nation Comedy Event

Aspen Industries Presents: 5th Annual Stand-Up for Dawg Nation

Each year, this show features some of the top headline comedians in Denver and always sells out so get your tickets today! This year’s show features Denver's own Josh Blue along with special guests Phil Palisoul, Adam Cayton-Holland, and Vic Alejandro. Come out and support a great cause while enjoying an amazing night of comedy.

In 2003, a small group of men from all walks of life got together and formed an adult hockey team in the Denver area. In the years that have followed, one team has grown into eight. And now, made up of over one hundred players, their families, and their friends they have formed an entity called Dawg Nation. This is the region’s largest adult hockey organization with players ranging in age from 18 to 71.

Dawg Nation is so much more than just hockey. They have become a family, celebrating good times together, but more importantly supporting each other during tragic times, such as devastating injuries, serious illnesses, and even the untimely death of one of their teammates. In that spirit, they formed the Dawg Nation Hockey Foundation. This unique charity was founded with the purpose of helping adult hockey players from all over Colorado, who might require financial aid due to their own serious injuries or illnesses. Through various fundraising events, Dawg Nation strives to deliver assistance to those hockey playing brothers and sisters who need it most.

For more information, please visit: Dawg Nation

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