Nancy Norton -  The Re-Charge Nurse!

Nancy Norton - The Re-Charge Nurse!

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Nancy Norton -  The Re-Charge Nurse!

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Nancy Norton -  The Re-Charge Nurse!

Nancy Norton - The Re-Charge Nurse!

A SPECIAL NIGHT OUT FOR HEALTHCARE WORKERS! with Nancy Norton, RN and Award Winning Comedian: “The RE-Charge Nurse!”

Who helps heal the healers? It’s your favorite, hilarious RE-Charge Nurse!

Every show is HILARIOUS and interactive! Join us for a de-stressing, gut-busting BLAST for nurses, healthcare workers and everyone who appreciates them.

Caregivers go through a lot of crazy stuff and need an outlet —SAY IT! Get it out of your body and Express yourself and your story may be a part of this hilarious show as we share the strangest, best, worst, funniest, real-life stories.

Leave a message for the RE-CHARGE NURSE!: HERE and tell your weird, wild or funny healthcare experiences. You need support and an outlet! Tell the Re-Charge Nurse all about it! You know, that freaky foreign body story, or that shift from hell that went so bad it was laughable, or that time you saved a life, or saw a miracle, or a healthcare worker saved your life, or that time you wrestled a doctor to the ground for the last donut…Leave a message now: It's easy, free and your story may be part of the show!

CAUTION: (Do not use any identifying details that would violate any HIPAA regs).

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